Name: Non-Fire Rated Caravan


  • Cubic bases of cement in various sizes in accordance to drawings to be placed on the cement slabs.
  • Cement of 30 Newton/ mm2 capacity reinforced with non-coated steel.

Metal Foundation

  • Steel base of steel I beam bridges of dimensions 120mmx73mmx10.5kg/m welded together around the periphery of the building reinforced with central and longitudinal beams. These bases are to be placed on the concrete cubes.
  • Steel hooks are placed on the sides of the base to facilitate lifting.
  • The steel bridges shall be cleaned and coated with rust resistant red lead oxide then painted with final coating of paint.
  • Plywood panels are to be used to cover the space between the caravan and ground levels and treated as part of the wall.


  • Wooden beams (measuring 38mmx140mm) are to be positioned between the steel bridges at equal distances of 400mm.
  • Commercial plywood of 18mm thickness to be fixed on the wooden beams.
  • Floors and dry areas be covered with PVC tiles of thickness 2mm of type POLYFLOR.
  • In damp areas, the covering shall be PVC rolls of 2mm thickness of the same type.


  • Walls are to be coated from the outside with emulsion and the color is to be specified according to choice from a sample of 6mm thickness plywood.
  • Walls are from a structure of white wood (2@x3@ SPF fixed at distances of 550mm).
  • The interior finishing of the walls and dry areas are to be covered with decoration panels on the wooden structure. As for the damp areas such as bathrooms, the walls are to be covered with plywood coated with polyester material.
  • The walls are to be heat insulated by 4.5mm polystyrene of 16.20 kg/m2


  • Manufactured from aluminum treated with polyester of 0.7mm thickness in tile forms and fixed on wooden beams.
  • The cables are to be manufactured from angle iron beams of c.s appropriate to the design.


  • They are to be fixed on a wooden frame suspended from the cables and wooden beams.
  • The hanging roofs are made of commercial plywood of 6mm thickness and the joints are covered with wooden strips. The internal heights of the suspended roofs are 2.35 meters. Above the final floor finishing.
  • The roof is painted with emulsion in the color requested.


  • Outer doors are to be levelled and panted on the outside with paint and on the inside with teak wood treated with varnish. The door frames are to be made from red meranti wood.
  • Inner doors are to be levelled and covered with a layer of teak wood treated with varnish on both sides, other than in bathrooms and damp places where one sides is to be painted.
  • All door locks are to be union morticee types.

Electrical Works

  • Electrical supplies of 220/240 volts single phase or 380/413 volts three phase are supplied according to requests.
  • The switchboard is to be supplied with an earth leakage breaker and a main switch.
  • PVC conduits for wiring are fitted in the walls.
  • Fitzgerald fluorescent tube-fittings for 2 tubes of 40 walts each. As for kitchen and bathrooms one fluorescent tube fitting of 20 watts for each is fitted with one for the entrance ceiling.
  • All light and power switches are to be in accordance to the drawings and of type Tenby UK.

Sewerage Works

  • All drinking and ordinary water fittings are to be PVC except hot water fittings, which are to be of copper.
  • Water basins are to be singular and Italian-UK.
  • The trademark used in the toilet fittings is anchor.
  • The bathtub is to be made from GRP material with a curtain upon request.
  • Water mixer is to be German Kistenmacher with a soap tray an tower rack and other accessories.
  • Water boiler is to be arishton (Italian) or equivalent of 21 gallons capacity.

Kitchen Cabinet

  • Single kitchen sink of trademark Kistenmacher/ German.
  • A cupboard below the kitchen sink made of plywood.