Al Qassimmy Maternity Hospital & emergency extension in Al Khozamiya – Sharjah

  • Name: Al Qassimmy Maternity Hospital & emergency extension in Al Khozamiya – Sharjah

  • Total contract value:AED 328,500,000.00

  • Client: Ministry Of Infrastructure Development

  • Consultant: Urban planning & Architecture Engineering Consultants

  • Project Duration: 36 Months

    Extension of the services of Al-Qassimmy Hospital, for additional 200 beds for Maternity, Gynecology and Pediatrics as self-contained Hospital for all kinds of services/facilities.


    It was also decided to extend the Emergency department of the existing hospital to respond to the additional needs for better emergency services.


    The building was constructed over an area of 43,500 square meters, developed according to a rational management of space, which translates into a clear separation between the various departments: the three main units (gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics), area of medical treatment, the patient area, the ward reserved for VIP (6 suites and 3 royal suites), called the Royal Ward, with private entrance.


    The pavilion of the new Emergency Room is located between the old and the new hospital, and serves as link to the two buildings.


    Project consists of:

    • New Maternity & pediatrics Hospital.
    • New emergency Department (to substitute for the existing one).
    • New entrance with main gate in addition to new entrance for emergency cases & new fencing for the additional part.
    • New building for electrical & mechanical services.
    • Hall of cooling rooms as additions to the new AC system.
    • New parking , landscaping works & walk areas
    • helipad

    Main Departments is including the followings:

    • inpatients suits with the capacity of  200 bed consisting of:
    • 3  Departments Of Maternity (72 Bed)
    • 3 Departments Of Pediatrics (76 Bed)
    • 2 Departments Of Gynecology (52 Bed)

    New Department of Emergency:

    • Intensive care Department:
    • Infants (new born) intensive care unit (with a capacity of 16 cradle)
    • Pediatric intensive care unit (with a capacity of 6 bed )
    • Gynecology intensive care unit (with a capacity of 4 bed )

    Outpatients’ suit consists of:

    • Maternity Department
    • Pediatrics Department
    • Infants Department
    • Gynecology Department
    • Private suit (3 rooms) & VIP suit (6 rooms).